Let’s get started!

Right now, I’m focused on crafting book covers for writers who (like myself) are venturing into the exciting world of self-publishing. You’ve poured countless months or even years into writing, rewriting, and editing your book — it deserves a stunning cover that catches attention and tells your readers what sort of story you’re about to tell them.

Before we begin, I want to tell you a bit about myself and my process.


I’ve been working in design for about 10 years now, before which I spent time in video game development and (this is important) book sales. I think both of these have informed my style; I lean towards the bright and flashy, and I’ve spent enough time wandering the aisles to know what stops a reader in their tracks.

I also see myself as something of a rebel, and I hope you’re the same way. If you’re a misfit, an outcast, someone who breaks rules because it puts a wicked smirk on your face… you’re exactly the sort of writer I want to work with.

There are different sorts of cover designers. Some are fantastic painters or illustrators, others are brilliant typographers, and some use Photoshop to mix and match elements. I’m predominantly one of those last ones (with a little of the others). So, if you have a very exacting design in mind, I shouldn’t be your first choice; I twist and contort existing imagery into something new.

That being said, a good book cover doesn’t need to be an exact representation of the story, and the most effective covers are rarely accurate. The cover exists for one reason: to attract readers and get them to the first page. It should be intriguing, alluring, and evocative. Those are the qualities we want.

The Process

When we get started, I’ll need some specific pieces of information from you. They are:

  • The title
  • Your name or pen name
  • The genre
  • A brief synopsis of the story
  • 3-5 comparable/competing books
  • Any quotes or other marketing text that should appear on the cover
  • Ideas you may have for what the cover should look like

As much as I’d like to, I simply don’t have time to read client’s books. However, I’d love to see one or two pivotal scenes that you might like to see represented. It can also be helpful (very helpful) to include excerpts describing important characters and locations. Please, no more than 5 pages of text.

Once I’ve had a chance to look this information over, I’ll pitch a few concepts to discuss, along with an estimated time frame and a price. You can expect the price to fall between $150 and $300, depending on complexity and how quickly you need the work done. This entitles you to 2 major revisions, and a final delivery that includes one version for ebooks and another for print.

And that’s it. If you’re ready to get started, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s make something great together.